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Anwar Mammoth

Mmm (130).mp4 REPACK

The Panasonic FZ80 shares similar styling with its predecessor, the FZ70. It is an SLR-styled superzoom camera that offers a massive 60x optical zoom range, meaning that it is not a compact camera. The FZ80's dimensions are about 5.1 x 3.7 x 4.7 inches (130 x 94 x 119 millimeters) and it weighs 21.7 ounces (616 grams) with card and battery, which is just a bit shorter and a bit heavier than its predecessor.

mmm (130).mp4

You'll be forgiven for being unable to tell the FZ80 apart from its predecessor in terms of appearance, the two cameras look very similar in both styling and size. The FZ80 has dimensions of 5.13 x 3.71 x 4.69 inches (130.2 x 94.3 x 119.2 millimeters) and weighs 1.36 pounds (616 grams) with battery and SD card. 041b061a72


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