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Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers

Grungy Passion

Well-groomed, confident, and overflowing with charm, Jace is not afraid of stating his opinion, an essential trait for a rising star in the fashion world. His firm feelings on menswear, culture, and the Grungy Gentleman brand make his passion for his field obvious, and make our conversation exciting and exclusive. Click through to learn Jace's ideal grungy gentleman, his dream celebrities to style, and what's in store for Grungy Gentleman.

Grungy Passion

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Nike Air Max 95 began my passion for fashion and style -- this was the exact color way I purchased at Foot Locker. I later graduated to Dunks and searched all over the world for limited edition kicks. The rest is history... Shout out to the Nike and Foot Locker fam.

The Spurs x Grungy Gentleman collection embodies a passion for Spurs Basketball and pays homage to our uniforms and fiesta colors.Each piece includes the Grungy Gentleman's signature stripes and the Spurs' classic fiesta colors. Attention to detail and quality are paramount and noticeable in every piece in this collection.

At the center, of course, is front-woman Brittany Howard, who is an undeniably distinct force. Her howl packs the kind of emotion you used to hear classic R&B of the past. With her at the helm, this band often feels like a grungy bar-band update on the sounds that Stax Records made famous. This is earnest soul music and at the same time it goes hand-in-hand with the music of people like Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and Charles Bradley.

Beets are an amazing source of minerals and unique health-boosting nutrients. These grungy-looking roots are sweet, impart a beautiful ruby-red color to your sauerkraut and pack tons of flavor underneath their rugged exterior.

I wear things to Princeaus shows that I would not wear in my day to day life, and that feels like a healthy separation. Princeaus is a glittery glamorous grungy creature. Nora is in a big sweater and slippers. The first time I made over $100 at a show, the first thing I bought was a $75 pair of L.L. Bean slippers.

And Vinyl delivers on all counts. This is HBO at its most deluxe and debauched, starting from the first frenzied beats of a two-hour pilot directed with dazzling creative energy by Martin Scorsese, setting the tone for the propulsive and brutally dissonant drama that follows. With fellow creators Mick Jagger, Terence Winter (Boardwalk) and Rich Cohen, Scorsese is back in his early-1970s, viscerally grungy and menacing Mean Streets milieu of New York City, a neon nightmare-scape backdrop for a life-altering rock-pocalypse.

As a result, we decided to open our own exhibition and found a 1,000sq ft space to deck out. No one had any money, so we looked in dumpsters for materials which we stapled to the walls. It was grungy experimentation with spray paint, chicken wire and Christmas lights. The end result was an artistic walk-through version of a dark ride.


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