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Anwar Mammoth
Anwar Mammoth

Marcel Duchamp: Art Of The Possible

got the chance to see this right after its director read an essay he wrote about duchamp, and right before i heard jeff koons talk about marcel and the exhibition they share at museo jumex.felt all sort of things and once more i say duchamp is indeed /the/ artist from the 20th century. (loved the chris burden shoutout!)all i can say is i love duchamp and i love art documentaries and ahhh!!!long live rrose sélavy!

Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible

IN 1958, Lionel and Roger Penrose published a paper announcing their discovery of impossible figures, (Penrose & Penrose, 1958). These impossible figures formed a new class of visual illustrations, specifically demonstrating a foible in human perception of dimensionality in representations. If we are given a conflicting but balanced mix of visual clues, our logic in two-dimensional representations becomes overwhelmed, and we can easily be fooled about what is possible or likely in three dimensions. The rendered object, on the one hand, looks right; but on the other hand, our intuition tells us that something must be wrong and signals us to use our minds. Our faulty senses always win.

Duchamp makes clear that the possible here is not a deficient or temporarily withheld modes of the actual; rather it is what eats at the act with the caustic power of delay, holding back the act and drawing it back into potentiality.

The Tyranny of the Possible Irina Aristarkhova Several recent conversations with concerned colleagues during new media art events have compelled me to think over what I see as a "tyranny of the possible" in new media art practice. The following, therefore, are my reflections on this relationship between new media art and technological possibility [1]. 041b061a72


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