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Recently I've got a fuji AX1 with the kit 16-50 and got two lenses.18-55 and 55-200 . Now I have a question.Do U recommend me to change my body ang go for XE2 or XT1 or not? Does it make a large different in IQ .?since I have that 2xf lenses? Or no? I am not a professional just a beginner

buy fuji xt1

what? try making sense when you type, it makes your time more valuable to you and those who read your comments!what the hells a post office got to do with me contemplating fuji bringing out an x camera with 24mpx apsc sensor, or is this a thinly veiled[failed] attempt at humour using sarcasm?

the 5300 has full manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, auto and full programme modes all easily accesible.It has much faster, more reliable auto focus, an excellent 24mp sensor, Nikons full lens range and some superb 3rd party alternatives from Sigma, Tokina and Tamron for example.In terms of actual pic quality, it will outperform the fuji if used with the best glass you can afford.If I had 2000 (the cost of the Fuji and a fuji zoom lens or two)I'd go for the 5300 with something like Nikon's 24-120, or Sigma's amazing 18-35 f1.8 instead. Indeed, the latter will save you near 700 and blow the fuji away image wise.The fuji wins hands down imo on looks, build, image, weather sealing and easy to reach controls. A nicer ergonomic feel if you are a traditionalist.

I will be getting a book printed soon with BLURB (which I always use to print the photo books). D700 is a beast, the reasons you may want to get to mirorless world are (i) reduce the weight (ii) be discreet on the street, both these cannot be a achieved by any full frame body and lens. Probably a full frame from fuji will suffer same problems.

I think the DSLR market is changing. and I think the miniaturization photo via iphone, not yet touched Canon and Nikon. I know that fuji challenge, but there are still doubts. good photo, less weight.I'm in Brazil and unfortunately we can not experience this machine. I'm curious to use the work of parliamentary advice and see if I can replace the brick 1d MK IV. Anyone know how to say the performance of the lenses Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 and 23mm F1.4 R?

Ok let me say a few things first, so people don't think I'm crazy, or irresponsible, or both. Clients obviously book me to shoot their wedding because they love my images. I am not going to sacrifice image quality or missed shots because I want to try a new camera out. I am not going to jump in feet first and buy two or only bring the fuji or only have access to the fuji or whatever the scenario may be. I am going to play it safe and using my Holdfast Gear Moneymaker I will have both my Fuji and 5D mark iii ready to be utilized at any moment.

And so it begins... One side of me... Fuji XT-1 with the 56mm, other side.. 5D3 with my workhorse Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART / Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L II IS and we are getting our beautiful bride ready. Switching back and forth between cameras, I am noticing the Fuji handles great but has MAJOR trouble focusing on a back lit subject. The bride is getting ready in front of a large window. Shooting with her back to the window the 5D3 blows the fuji out of the water. Switching sides and shooting the other way, the Fuji is fine (still slower at focusing mind you) but fine. (also note the chromatic aberration on the photo of the wedding dress, this is a common theme with backlit images, but I never noticed it as much with the Canon images.)

So a couple hours in, where do I stand right now...? Just from looking at the back of the screen, the images out of the fuji look great. The focusing... slow. Really slow? no, but slow, definitely not on the same level as the 5D3. Things I am loving... the EVF, OHHH THE EVF on this camera is to die for. People say its amazing, and they are right. It is SOOO much better than an optical viewfinder. Weight and handling.. EXCELLENT. I would love to carry around two of these with a couple of primes for 10-12 hours, that would be heaven on my back. Coolness factor for having one one hanging from my beautiful moneymaker camera strap.. 10! This camera looks amazing and I think it might actually win the award for the BEST looking camera on the market right now. BUT, I have to keep going back to AF. I've read that it is fast... maybe to some people it is (lower end DSLR users or older generation DSLR users), but not me. Maybe I have been spoiled by the AF speed on my 5D3, but this AF doesn't hold up against Canon's full framers. Moving on a little in the day to some outdoor stuff...

Moving on to the reception. Fuji is not known for their flash system, they will even tell you that when asked directly, but I wanted to be able to shoot TTL so I bought the Fuji EF-42 speed light and put it on the camera for the reception. Ok so lets stop here for a second. One of the biggest advantages of these mirror less cameras is their size and weight correct? Well let me just tell you that when you have the XT-1 body, with the vertical grip, lens, two batteries, and the flash on camera, IT'S NOT THAT LIGHT. It's also not that small. I actually didn't see or feel much of a difference between that setup and my wife's 6D, 100L macro and speed light. Of course, it is lighter on a scale, but in real-life the difference was negligible with this configuration. Now my next peeve... the speed light is LOUD. What? I don't know what you mean.. please explain. I didn't realize that speed lights made noise at all actually. The nikon and canon equivalents I have used have never made a peep... but the fuji does. It has a high pitched ramp up screech during the refresh between flashes. I actually never read that in a review, but I tell you, it is definitely true... and with the music playing yeah thats not a big deal, but I use my flash sometimes when the bride is getting ready and in that scenario, no Fuji, its NOT cool.

Simple. If you shoot manual focus vintage lenses on a fujifilm camera, this is the camera to get. The EVF, the new magnified split view as well as colored focus peaking makes this camera a fantastic experience for shooting vintage glass!

I always enjoy ready your reviews Steve. I bought the XT1 with kit and a 56 mm after playing with it in the weekend. The 56 f1.2 is gorgeous albeit quite a bit bigger than my oly 45. Loving it so far (em5 before which I also loved). I was wondering if you had tried theM adapter fuji are offering? I wonder how the 35 leica m would perform. The XT1 seens quite manual focus friendly.

Size/handling: sweet! I had no reservations about selling off my D700 and three f2.8 lenses. The fuji is wonerful to handle for an entire day, the menus are easy to navigate, and I really feel at home withthemanual controls.

Mike, I was an early adopter. At the time I had an x e1 and was most happy with the cameras results, handling, and fujifilms readiness to listen to their customers. Along came the x t1, and I gulped down the koolaid. I am even more pleased, as all the lenses I use most have been made available; 18-55, 35, and the exquisite 23mm, the 60mm macro is little used, and will likely be replaced by a 56mm. Fujifilms, has done everything expected, and more to keep me on board. I use LR5, converting to dng as it meets my needs thus far. Having been a dedicated Nikon user, I have found Fuji, to be far more responsive to its customers, and much more responsible.

while lightroom is said to have inferior quality for fuji file raw processing, i can't complain. there's nothing i'm missing, and i like convenience of the one-application-workflow. i tried DCraw on my linux machine, and found it a very capable tool. i'll continue to use it, especially when i do not want to boot windows.

BTW, I do not get into fujifilm so far as it is too big and heavy to my liking. May be strange but XM1 is what I am looking at as it seems to be plastic and small/lightweight, on top of being very cheap now (. If I have to go into the system, x-t1 is it as it got flip screen. To be honest, I like looking down more than looking through. Still think that EVF may increase eye deterioration due to its shining a torch to your eye. 041b061a72


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