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Delta Force Land Warrior V1.00.17 Crack ((TOP))

. .. .. .. . F R e A K 2 F R e A K target prog: DeltaForce:LandWarrior v1.00.17 eng kind of crack: NoCD protection: simple cd-check visit cracker: M.o.D. date of release: 29 Nov' 00 [ ] progsupplier: ReKu cracktester: myself [ ] cracking time: 1 min explanation: _install DFLW - full installation _apply the crack to: dflw.exe _HAVE FUN!!!! notes: MemberZ [M.o.D..................Founder/Coder/] [yoda...................Founder/Coder/] [] [] [] TrialmemberZ [] [Karnak.................Cracker/] [] [Ano-H..................Hacker/] If you are interested in joining us, then mail one of the leaders GreetZ go out to all crackers of the world !!! f2fwasfoundthe23thjan2000 ! License :( You are only allowed to use the tools & information in this archive if you agree with the following things ;-) (1) FReAK2FReAK cannot be held responsible if any of the information & files contained in this archive is used in the pursuit of illegal activities such as COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT or piracy. (2) You are NOT ALLOWED to sell, rent or give away any backups of copyrighted CD's, as this is not allowed by Copyright Laws. (3) You have to be the owner of the original CD from which you make the Backup. (4) You have to destroy the Backup CD when you aren't the owner of the original CD anymore. (5) In case of a sharewarecrack you are only allowed to use the programm as long as it is written in the license of the author. After that time you have to delete the programm form your Harddisk and you are also not allowed to give the cracked shareware away. nfo by yoda - last update: 09'sep 2000

Delta Force Land Warrior V1.00.17 Crack


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