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Episode 1.5

Episode 1.5 is the fifth episode of the first series of Primeval.It was broadcast as Pter-able News[1] in North America, Aus heiterem Himmel (Out of the Blue)[2] in Germany and O.V.M.I (possibly meaning Flying Object Mimicking the Insect)[3] in France.

Episode 1.5

"Episode 1.5" is a short episode meant to bridge the gap between "The Starbarians' Die" and "The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed up with the Starbarians (part I)", which, due to its length and ambitious scope, had been in development for longer than expected.

The entire episode was completed in just two weeks. Harry Partridge stated it "[could] have been way better" but was "proud [they] did it so fast".[1] Partridge later stated that the episode was completed so fast because the episode ran at 12 frames per second.[4]

The episode marks the first time Emma-Louise Wakley and YOTTA provided animation assistance for Starbarians; Wakley had collaborated with Partridge frequently on other cartoons before, and YOTTA announced that they were working with Partridge on future Starbarians episodes back in November 2012.[8][9]

Aaron of ColdHardFlash said that "Harry Partridge recently uploaded a 2013 teaser that hinted at big things in this new year", and that he "[delivered] on this tantalizing promise with a mini-episode of his TV-quality series Starbarians".[10]

This episode's timeline takes place between Episodes 2 and 4. Darren is taken by Kinney's contact Mal to a farmhouse far out in the country owned by their acquaintance Evie, a weapons manufacturer who adopts orphaned teenagers. Arrangements are made for Darren to leave the country by boat with Evie's husband Clark. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the massacre at the Traveler encampment, a wounded Kinney hides out in the surrounding woods. Leif arrives at the campsite to collect intel, accompanied by Tova, the "waitress" who shot at Sean, revealed to be a Danish mercenary as well. Leif discovers Kinney's phone under a trailer, and is able to ascertain Darren's location based on a text exchange. Kinney evades the mercenaries and begins the arduous journey to reach Darren on foot, eventually stealing a man's truck and shotgun along the way. Kinney and the Danes converge on Evie's compound, where a prolonged siege takes place. Mal, Evie, and all of her adopted teenagers are killed. Kinney and a resentful Darren retreat through an underground tunnel, but Leif catches up to them, shooting them along with Clark just as they are about to reach his boat. Kinney clings to his son, delivering a final, delirious monologue about perseverance, before Leif executes them both. As Leif calls his contact to confirm Darren's death, it is revealed that the Danes are working for Jevan Kapadia.

Episode 1.5SeriesEpisode:15MEDIAAir date5 July 2017Run47 minutesEPISODE GUIDEPreviousNext1.41.6The fifth episode of Ackley Bridge aired on 5th July 2017 and acquired more than 1.87 million viewers.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains a scene of sexual assault. It depicts a man aggressively coming onto a woman and then physically forcing himself on her, before she forces him off and gets away. This recap covers the scene but does not show any images of it.

Darius comes on wearing only a pair of C&A underpants with 'Darius' written in ink on his body. He proceeds to have a psychotic episode, with unintelligible language delivered menacingly towards the audience and the house band onstage whilst striking the drummer's cymbal with his hand. He is crying out to the universe to complete his breakdown. At the end of it all, Jerry has a heated confrontation with a student who had been heckling him, until the student threatens to hit Jerry and all the staff stick up for him.

Elsewhere, Ray Von hosts a Robot Wars tournament, which is won by Max and Paddy, who are using a robot built by Ray, who has a penchant for electronics. At the end of the episode, a man called Dougie Hayes offers Jerry a job on a cruise ship. The auditioning act at the end of the episode are a pair of elderly Spanish dancers.

- Lizzie shocks everyone by being so graceful and elegant with the ribbon. When watching this episode back then, I think I already knew Hilary Duff had prior training in gymnastics. She could do cartwheels, flips and all the sort.

- We actually got a mention of Larry in the first episode when he was caught on camera picking his nose and eating his snot by Danny Kessler. But this time, we got to actually see him in the flesh. I actually love Larry; He is kinda like Gordo but only much weirder and nerdier.

- The episode opens up to Lizzie packing up for her overnight science field trip and she regrettably decides not to bring her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Snuggles. As a kid, I was actually inspired by this show to give my own stuffed animals Mr. and Mrs. names.

- At school, Lizzie and Miranda start talking to Gordo in a similar way to how he was talking to them at the beginning of this episode. He feels flattered by them wanting to know more about his interests in Rat Pack and is willing to teach them more about the culture. We also get a funny bit where Miranda points out to Gordo that he blinks his eyes a lot.

- In her conversation with Miranda, we get pop culture references to Shania Twain, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gwyneth Paltrow and the great Britney Spears within the first couple of minutes of this episode.

- This was a solid episode. There was a really good lesson to take away from the story-line involving Gordo and Mr. Pettis, which is the importance of maximizing your potential and not being too comfortable in being average when you are better than that. Even for the younger kids, they would learn that switching your work with another person and passing it off as your own is considered plagiarism and that could result in marks deducted off your grade or even suspension in more serious cases.

- This episode was not bad. My favorite part was how the main characters plus Kate, Ethan and Larry were paired up with one another. We got to see some interesting interactions between different characters. I particularly liked how Gordo called Lizzie out for ignoring him, which causes Lizzie to reflect on her behavior towards him and realize how important he is to her. As for the other 2 couples, they were mainly played out for comic relief. Also, kudos to Miranda for trusting her best friend instead of letting her emotions get the better of her by the end.

- I like how Lizzie is willing to show to her parents that she can be a responsible person and she certainly stepped up to the plate. Sam Mcguire also shone in this episode in terms of his involvement in the main storyline. I also appreciate how protective he is over his kids.

An apple a day doesn't keep the Doctor away, and yet a pear does? The Doctor's relationship with food says a lot about the character and about us, and Toby Hadoke has some pretty strident views about this - fish fingers and custard, cheese and wine, can fried gumblejack : it's all on the menu in this episode of whimsical essays about Doctor Who related trivia.

Three things happen in this Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper centric episode. We learn how Jiminy became a cricket. We get a clue about what is underneath Storybrooke. And Mary Margaret becomes distressed by the strength of her attraction to John Doe.

The episode starts with a puppet show, which foreshadows the mummified puppets in the end. Also, Jiminy is like a puppet controlled by his parents, just as Archie is like a puppet controlled by Regina. In the end, Jiminy and Archie both break free from their puppetmasters.

And yet, alas, this episode was clearly written before I had the chance to dispense this game-changing wisdom. For here is what happens: Rose is stifled by the constraints of her upper-class lifestyle (like Rose from Titanic), and Rose wishes to escape and have bohemian fun (like Rose from Titanic), and Rose therefore secretly sneaks out to a rowdy dance populated by working-class types (just like Rose from Titanic), where she dances with a sexy working-class fellow for whom she develops romantic feelings (wait a minute, I think I might actually be watching Titanic). 350c69d7ab


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