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Where To Buy Fitbit Bands

Most Fitbit models are customizable such that you can detach or replace bands if ever they get broken, damaged, worn, etc. You will have to buy a new set of straps to change those that came with the device.

where to buy fitbit bands


You can check with the manufacturer for the original bands. If you want to save, consider third-party accessories. Try our collection of Fitbit straps Charge 2 or Versa 2 watch bands, and find the color and design that you like.

Save on bands and accessories for Fitbit when you shop at We offer a wide variety of Fitbit-compatible products to suit your taste and budget. Filter by model, color, and price to get the best options.

The straps are crap, it's a known problem. Easiest solution is to buy an aftermarket replacement from Amazon (I get mine from user kingfansion for around 5.00 each, including the tools to replace). You'll need to hit youtube for a video on how to do it, but it's a pretty simple replacement. It sucks that Fitbit would rather force you to buy another watch than to do replacement straps - if it weren't for the aftermarket ones, I'd be replacing the watch alright... but I can guarantee it wouldn't be replaced with another fitbit.

The Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense already come with flexible silicone bands on board, but Maledan takes it one step further. These ultra-affordable sport bands cost around $120for a pack of four and are perfect for the weight room. A series of holes running the length of the band add breathability and a touch of style. We find that for truly sweaty workouts, perforated bands provide the best experience.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is quite simply the best all-around budget fitness tracker on the market. With a bright, colorful display, ten-day battery life, and phenomenal sleep tracking, this device delivers a comprehensive tracking experience at a great price. The pebble pill only comes in black, but you can add plenty of interest to your wrist with bands and accessories.

Your Fitbit has a main body and its accessory bands. In some cases, not taking care of the band can lead to band failures and accidental damage to the Fitbit's display. To prevent this, always opt for official straps made by Fitbit. Not only are these tested for durability, but they are also tested for safety.

However, it's important to remember that even Fitbit-manufactured bands made of leather, steel, or woven materials are not designed for intense sports. In fact, these particular band types are only recommended for day-to-day use, as the materials might not hold up well in hot, cold, or wet conditions.

While there are accessory bands from many third-party manufacturers, not all will fit properly. In addition, straps manufactured by third-party brands may contain materials that could affect your skin if you have allergies or other sensitivities.

The colors are almost similar to the ones advertised. Plus, you get the security of watch-like locking mechanisms. The many perforations on the band mean you get a good fit. Unlike the one above, these bands are available only in Small sizes. If we talk numbers, this small Fitbit Inspire band will fit wrists between 5.5-inch to 8.1-inch in circumference.

The BabyValley wrist straps are another set of value-for-money bands for the Fitbit Inspire 3. As opposed to the one above, these bands are available in both Large and Small sizes. Here, you get a set of 8 bands in an array of attractive colors. Note that these Inspire 3 bands are not the easiest to change, and you may need a couple of attempts before you get it right.

The highlight of these bands is the design and the color. As suggestive of the name, the color is a little translucent, especially around the edges. It has a single loop to hold the extra length, you will have to be sure of the size. Or else, the extra length will stick out like a sore thumb.

These were some of our top recommendations for the Fitbit Inspire 3 bands. The proprietary locking mechanism means fewer replacement bands exist than popular fitness trackers or smartwatches like the Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch 4. On the bright side, these bands help you get a distinctive look if you are bored with your current band.

Yes I agree with the previous comment. If there could be more non silicone band options created for the future.I also get a rash from the silicone bands and find them very uncomfortable on my wrist.

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At rest, or when not doing a tough workout, my heart rate seems to track pretty well, but once I start something at higher intensity, I found the Fitbit Versa 4 to have a bit of lag. It would often take a minute, or longer, to catch up, and sometimes never quite be able to adjust to where my heart rate was.

If, however, you plan to do more outdoor activities, such as running or biking, you may want a fitness tracker with built-in GPS, so you can more accurately see where you're going, and where you went. Dedicated runners and athletes will want to check out our best GPS watches page, too.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 has replaced its predecessor, the Inspire 2, as the best cheap fitness tracker you can buy today. Although there are other activity bands with more modest price tags, the Inspire 3 offers the most bang for your buck. Not surprisingly, it's also one of the best Fitbits overall, with a lot of the same Fitbit features like the Daily Readiness Score and Active Zone Minutes on the premium models.

Since she's not too thrilled about the look of the housing-bands, I'm considering drilling deeper into the existing screw holes and using longer screws (+glue) so it holds a bit longer. Anyone tried that? Any clue how deep I can drill beyond the side-surface of the watch body before hitting something important?

After checking u tube and the Fitbit website, I found no solutions or any great answer to repairing the broken screws on my Fitbit charge 4 band holder. Was ready to give up and thought I would have to break down and buy a new Fitbit but discovered the Charge 5 even had cases of the same problem and no info on Versa plus the extra cost. So took the broken screws out and cleaned the connections surfaces for the band to the watch body and used gorilla super glue, and rubber bands to hold it in place. I had lost the small spring which holds the 2 tabs up which lock the band holder to the watch so cut a very small piece of rubber band to put in its place. After a 24 hour set up everything seemed strong, the button release no longer works, but have been wearing the watch constantly for the last 2 weeks, doing a lot of mechanical and labor intensive work, and the band is secure!!

The device would be equipped with safety features for parents, including cellular and GPS connectivity to allow them to contact and locate their kids without the need for a phone. Employees also said that Project Eleven was prototyped with and without a screen, and that new bands would be sent to them every month as part of a subscription service.

It's muted and unobtrusive, and you can wear a watch (or smartwatch) on the other wrist without looking like a nerd. Alternatively, with the bicep band or wear-anywhere sleeve, you don't even have to place it on your wrist.

Background: It has become possible for the new generation of consumer wristbands to classify sleep stages based on multisensory data. Several studies have validated the accuracy of one of the latest models, that is, Fitbit Charge 2, in measuring polysomnographic parameters, including total sleep time, wake time, sleep efficiency (SE), and the ratio of each sleep stage. Nevertheless, its accuracy in measuring sleep stage transitions remains unknown. 041b061a72


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