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Find Year Of Fred Bear Bow By Serial Numbers

Date your Bear bow by serial number if it was made between 1965 and 1969. Serial numbers were placed on the limbs of most Bear bows, along with the weight and length of the bow. The first number stood for the year of manufacturing. So, a "5" at the beginning meant it was made in 1965, a "6" was made in 1966, a "7" in 1967, an "8" in 1968 and "9" at the beginning meant it was made in 1969.

Find Year Of Fred Bear Bow By Serial Numbers

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Every manufacturer has its unique way of identifying the age of their bows. Some have used serial numbers since their first production. Meanwhile, some are difficult to guess because of the rapid marking changes over the years. Unfortunately, Bear Archery is one of them.

@fredwilson:disqus I would concede wholeheartedly that BHO is more prepared today than he was 3 years ago. Even a year ago.His experience however has not been successful. And therein lies the problem.It strikes me like a guy who goes to the driving range with a bad swing and practices diligently. Pounding balls for hours. Trying earnestly to improve.All he has done is to reinforce a set of bad habits and has not improved his game in any way.He is not the right man for these times.

Speaking on the ideas of cultural revolution and Internet, it seems that focused ppl/groups are figuring out how to connect and stage protests/actions to disrupt the daily norm in ways beyond politics. I was thinking about the recent mother breast feeding incident at Target who was able to create a nationwide demonstration to disrupt their business. Who would think or could even accomplish such a feat a few years back. Union practices are not common in the States, but the Internet is becoming very easy to find just enough similar minded people to take action and be heard, no matter the reason.

In 1692, there were 19 people that were executed in Salem. Four hundred years later, a teen finds out that she is a witch. This is hard for her to accept. What would the people of Salem think? Many knew her as a good girl. Would they accept her or persecute her? Would they be afraid?A touching story of a teen's identity and purpose and the fear and judgment of a town! 350c69d7ab


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