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Elton John Sacrifice

"Sacrifice" is a song by English musician Elton John, written by John and Bernie Taupin, from John's 22nd studio album, Sleeping with the Past (1989). It was first released in October 1989 as the second single from the album. It achieved success in 1990, particularly in France and the United Kingdom, becoming John's first solo chart-topper in both nations. The song describes how hard it is to stay faithful and devoted in a marriage, challenging the mantra that a successful union requires sacrifice.[4] Due to the song's success, John has played this song in various locations in the years since it was released.[5]

Elton John Sacrifice

I want to talk about a slightly different interpretation of the song. Obviously it's about a relationship between two people A and B, but I wonder what the sacrifice is.What struck me is that the singer doesn't seem to judge either A nor B for the breakup of their relationship. He just describes it in an understanding way. Like it was bound to happen. So for me "It's no sacrifice, just a simple word." means that if a relationship like the one in the song is on such a late stage, where both are "living in seperate worlds" it is no sacrifice to break up.Each of them has their own ton of problems, for instance for person A the "tempation's strong", so A feels drawn to have an affair while person B finds out about that and her "sensitivity builds a prison". B is so hurt that she has "no tears to damn you, when jealousy burns". Both A and B form a "cold cold heart, hard done by you".A and B cling to the relationship although its that bad by now there is not much left to save. The singer presents the only solution, to break up, as being no sacrifice because both of them will feel better without the other. Also the singer tries to take their fear of separation from them with saying that it (breakup) is "just a simple word"."It's a human sign when things go wrong" is for me also a strong clue that confirms that interpretation. When you are in a relationship where neither you nor your partner are happy and the situation seems unsolvable then it's no sacrifice to say farewell. It is no failure, it is not weak and you won't regret it no matter what society says. It's human after all.(I am not advertising breakups in general. I just think it is the right thing to do for sad realtionship situations that seem completely hopeless.)

As I understand it, as someone who has known this song inside out for years: The narrator's relationship with his partner is breaking down. He realises this when he becomes attracted to someone else, as he wouldn't be tempted if his relationship with his partner was a good one. Hence, "It's a human sign/When things go wrong/When the scent of her lingers/And temptation strong." He feels he must act upon this temptation ("Sweet deceit comes calling") but when he does, his partner finds out and rows break out ("And negativity lands"). As their relationship was already rocky, he had become cynical, ("Cold, cold heart/Hard done by you"), so he doesn't feel any sorrow in cheating. As he puts it, compared to their relationship, "Some things look better" and he intends to move on as he is "just passing through". As this relationship had got so bad, giving it up is "no sacrifice". Already, he realises, they are "two hearts living in two separate worlds." So it's not as if they are together anymore in any real sense. Like a lot of couples towards the end, they are living separate lives while just happening to live in the same house. For this reason, ending it, as he reiterates, is "no sacrifice at all."After the arguments, the couple do not talk anymore and this lack of communication leads to confusion as to what they both really think. "Mutual misunderstanding/After the fact"). The woman, it seems, does not want to hear from him: she is too heartbroken; she has heard enough. Hence, "Sensitivity builds a prison/ In the final act." "We lose direction" refers to there being no point to their knowing each other anymore. The aim, originally, had been love but that is off the cards now. "No stone unturned," refers to both lovers' analysis of the relationship, trying to figure out where it went wrong. "No tears to damn you/When jealousy burns" refers, I think, refers to her spite in her retaliation. But the narrator has no tears to demonstrate the break down of their relationship which led to his adultery, as he doesn't give a damn anymore. The loss of their relationship, he repeats, was worthless at the end anyway. Losing it, and exchanging it for a new one with someone else, was "no sacrifice at all."

I love the interpretation of the song in the video.The couple in love, grow apart. She left him and her daughter in search a new life, a better life, after years she reads his letters and thinks about him and their life,their now grown up daughter.The final scene where he dances with his daughter is just priceless..No sacrifice at all.

The main meaning from this song is "Marriage can be so hard". Anything can be happened in a marriage, a jealosy, sometimes we all can say "We Just Need To Sacrifice" to make anything better, but the fact and reality it's not that easy to do it, it's just a simple word but not easy to do.When marriage couples getting a divorce to make anything get better, or having a better life it's not a sacrifice at all to get better, it can be worse for the children.The point is marriage it's not easy whatever the problem is. Affair, a heart getting cold, boredom and all the problems will get through in the future, sometimes it will passed but there will be again. So on and on.If we giving up on a marriage, it's not a sacrificed because it's not a better way.

If you are interpreting this song based on the music video, you are not really judging the lyrics, but a third-party's video creation based on how THEY interpret the song. The original Bernie Taupin lyrics say nothing about a baby, who was unfaithful in the marriage or whether they are getting a divorce. I think the idea of sacrifice does mirror the Christian marriage ceremony, in which each partner vows to "forsake all others". So if they are unfaithful, they have not sacrificed, but given in to temptation.

The song "sacrifice" is about end of marriage when loss of relationship is no sacrifice.Through the song lyrics and the music video we learn a couple are married and are raising a daughter, but have problems in their relationship.. It doesn't clearly implies what is the problem, maybe there was some infidelity in the past that still is haunting them,Seems like the couple can't find a solution for their problems and finally break up. At the end the man is grateful to be the primary parent of their daughter.. while the woman seems like she finally found her way in life.

I think the song and lyrics and video are portraying a man and woman breaking up and the mom/wife leaving the family to pursue her own career because she's self centered, while the husband/dad ends up bringing up their daughter all by himself. At the end, the daughter is all grown and he dances with her.Love your kids and be parents for them.It's no sacrifice at all.

The song as the music video portrays is about young couple getting separated after they have a baby daughter and the man raises their daughter alone, because his wife chooses her career over family.He is singing it to his daughter, telling her it's no sacrifice at all to bring her up because he loves her. 041b061a72


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