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Slate Digital Trigger EX Drum Re

Conclusion When using Trigger, you will hear tight, phase accurate drum triggering without unwanted mis-triggers, flamming, or phasing. Kick samples line up tight with the original kick drums, snare drum transients align perfectly, and tom fills come out exactly like the original tracks. The level of control is just what we need these days as we work faster than ever. If you are a serious mix engineer who needs complete control over those tricky multitrack drums then this is the one for you and it is as simple as that. No fuss and no hassle, just great performance all round. Its also worth noting that Trigger comes with two detecting modes, LIVE and ACCURATE LIVE and I found the ACCURATE mode is the professional studio setting, which enables Trigger advanced engine to replicate the original drum track with the most precise detail and natural velocity response.

Slate Digital Trigger EX Drum Re

It features global ADSR, Reverb and Volume controls, 12 different drum pads that light up when triggered and that show how each kit is set up (kicks, snares, claps, etc.), 12 volume and pan knobs for each individual component of the drumkit.

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