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[S5E10] Gone, Gone, Gone [BEST]

In the city of Stiix, Jay, Zane, Cole, Kai, and Nya gather around the remains of Ronin's pawn shop, as the Preeminent's tentacles emerge. Civilians desperately flee to the docks, where Sensei Wu, Misako, and Ronin agree that they need to evacuate the city. The Preeminent fully emerges, with the ninja unsuccessfully attempting to subdue it. In the meantime, Morro confronts Wu with the Realm Crystal, proclaiming that now that Lloyd is gone, he is the Green Ninja. Wu angrily retorts that he trained Morro to be a ninja that protects, not one that destroys. One of the Preeminent's tentacles seizes Misako, and Wu pursues, with Ronin ordering the civilians to ready the ferry, to be ready to leave when they return. The ninja hopelessly try to battle the Preeminent, with the Ghost Taker GT being destroyed, and the Ghost Cycle being lost trying to weaken the beast, while Wu saves Misako.

[S5E10] Gone, Gone, Gone

Later that afternoon, the ninja regroup with Wu and Misako on the deck of the ship. Using the Realm Crystal, Wu returns Lloyd to Ninjago. Lloyd reminisces on what happened, with Wu noting him that his father's robes appear to have made him wiser. Lloyd states that the Cursed Realm is gone, as is his father, but now they're all in a better place. The ninja agree that their team remains strong, and will move forward together no matter what changes overcome them. Jay asks Lloyd what the other realms look like, and Lloyd assures him that everything looks bright, for them and for all of Ninjago. 041b061a72


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