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Shipping Costs: Our main nursery is in Sonoma, California, but we also have grow grounds in Oregon and Northern California. Shipping rates will vary depending on tree variety and farm location. Contact us at 707-732-6152 to get a quote.

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To truly open up the amazing world of olive oil to you I have set my sights to create what I have been looking for all these years : one place devoted to olive oil from every country that produces it .

Welcome to Texas Hill Country Olive Co., where we are proud to offer olive tree varieties that are perfectly suited for the unique climate and soil conditions of Texas. Our selection of olive trees includes the Mission, Arbequina, and Pendolino varieties.

The Mission olive tree is a classic variety that produces large, juicy olives that are perfect for making oil or table olives. These trees are known for their hardiness and can thrive in a variety of soil types. With their strong, robust flavor, Mission olives are a favorite among olive lovers.

The Arbequina olive tree is a smaller variety that is ideal for home gardeners. These trees produce small, flavorful olives that are perfect for snacking or making oil. Arbequina trees are known for their hardiness and adaptability to a variety of climates, making them a great choice for Texas gardeners.

The Pendolino olive tree is another smaller variety that is perfect for home gardens. These trees produce small, flavorful olives that are ideal for oil or table olives. Pendolino trees are known for their early ripening and high oil content, making them a favorite among olive oil producers.

You can forget grocery store high prices if you grow your own olive trees. This delicious biblical fruit fed the ancient Jewish prophets and the olive oil lit their lamps to read the scriptures at night and some of the ancient trees that were planted 2000 years ago are still alive and producing fruit today. Olive trees were imported by president Thomas Jefferson from Europe into the states of South Carolina and Georgia to feed the American colonists. The Hebrew scriptures of the Bible report that olive trees were grown in orchards and the olives were eaten as food of to press into oil that was used to anoint Kings. The olive oil was also used as a fuel in lamps to light up rooms at night in Jerusalem and in food preparation.Several cold hardy olive trees are grown in America today and are evergreen, surviving snow and ice in USDA zones 7, 8, and 9. The trees are often planted as a landscape tree around pools for that tropical look and to shade patios. The silver gray colored leaves dramatically contrast with other plants and trees in your yard.Often a grafted olive tree will begin bearing olives the second year of planting and the fruit production substantially increases each year. Olive crops increase if two separate varieties are planted about 15 feet apart. In the United States, olives are most often used as hors d'oeuvres after being stuffed with pimento, but in Europe the olives are most frequently served with the seed imbedded in the fruit.Olive oil is most often used in food preparations by gourmet chefs to enhance the flavor of the food. The color of the olives growing o the trees can be green, gray or black depending on the variety planted. Olive trees are easy to grow when planted outside or even in containers, and the olives begin ripening in early fall and mature in about two months. Your family can enjoy growing and eating your own olives from your own trees, and you can save lots, when you avoid high prices at the grocery store by growing your own olives.

Olive plants do best where the summers are long, hot and dry, and the winters are cool and not so dry. They are native to Mediterranean climates. They like a sharply drained calcareous or limey soil, and can tolerate salty, coastal locations. Many varieties of olive trees require cross-pollination; that is, you need at least two different varieties to reliably get olive tree fruit. Perfect Plants offers the Arbequina olive variety (Olea europaea) which is self-fertile and a semi evergreen tree.

To produce olives, the Arbequina olive tree requires at least 300 chill hours; that is, 300 hours below about 45F in the wintertime, making it well adapted for in-ground cultivation in United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 7B-11 (find your USDA zone). Arbequinas cannot withstand below freezing temperatures below 25-30F. Where not cold hardy, you can grow Arbequina olives trees in a pot to be brought indoors in the winter months. The Arbequina olive is semi-deciduous, usually dropping some of its attractive gray-green leaves in the winter. Arbequina tends to bear heaviest in alternate years, and fruiting may be increased when another variety is nearby for cross pollination. It is also pest and disease resistant, especially to fungal diseases. Once established, arbequina olive tree care requires little maintenance! Under good growing conditions, you should expect to harvest some olives by the time the trees are 3-6 years old.

It's the most versatile variety on the market: The Arbequina Olive Tree. Not only does it produce table olives, but it's also used to make highly-valued olive oil. And this tree offers evergreen beauty and fragrant spring blooms to go along with its succulent fruit. Plus, it's self-fertile and bears fruit earlier than any other olive tree.Even better? Arbequina is among the most cold-tolerant olive types and is also adaptable to a variety of growing conditions. Even with considerable neglect, this tree will grow in any well-drained soil and sun. It's a particularly great choice for drought-ridden climates. In spring, small, fragrant cream-colored blooms peek out from attractive green foliage. They're followed by masses of olives in summer, emerging green and then darkening to glossy brown. Because we've grafted and grown your Arbequina from proven rootstock, you get delicious, healthful harvests and easy growth, year after year.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of online shops where you can buy olive trees. After researching the market, I found five online shops with olive trees for sale that I can recommend to you.

The Olive Oil from your tree delivered in the Spring. Olives from your tree will be pressed, along with olives from neighboring trees (it's a family affair). Because some trees produce more oil and some produce less, we share the wealth.

Since the beginning of civilization, a branch of the olive tree has been an emblem of peace and its oil, a symbol of abundance. A mature olive tree is hardy outdoors to 14 degrees. Olive trees ripen their fruits best in relatively dry climates with hot summers . . . SHOW MORE Olea europaea

Since the beginning of civilization, a branch of the olive tree has been an emblem of peace and its oil, a symbol of abundance. A mature olive tree is hardy outdoors to 14 degrees. Olive trees ripen their fruits best in relatively dry climates with hot summers and moderate winters. However, an olive tree also grows easily indoors in a pot, maintained at 6' in height or less. Enjoy the clusters of tiny, creamy-white flowers in May and the long graceful evergreen leaves all year around.

Full sun, well-drained soil, and a warm spot in the garden will increase the chances of ripening a crop in marginal areas. An olive tree is slow growing and can live for a thousand years. USDA Zones 8-10.

Do you want the trendiest tree in your living area? If yes, you should buy a Nearly Natural high-quality faux olive tree that will enhance the beauty of your home décor. Did you know? All of our olive trees are horticulturist designed and approved and will instantly transform any space into a Tuscan countryside dream. If you wanderlust of the Mediterranean and dream of those easy-going days, you will faux in love with this silk olive tree. Assembled in the USA, we offer a selection of potted and non-potted plants from high-quality materials, giving you the freedom to DIY if you choose. No matter if you're looking for a topiary, small or large, we have artificial trees for every size and budget. Feel as you're walking through paradise.

While many people love our indoor olive trees, don't forget about your patio or balcony. Our selection of UV-resistant silk olive trees complements any outdoor area in need of some greenery. The beauty of artificial outdoor olive trees is that they never need maintenance and can adapt to any environment. You can transform your backyard into a Mediterranean oasis that'll remind you of an exotic vacation where you can pick olives from the tree.

If you have a space with tall ceilings, we recommend the 82" olive tree that is light, airy, and thin. This fake olive tree's beauty is that you can add a planter that matches your style of décor. Many customers enjoy adding them to a corner of the bedroom, living room, dining room, or entryway. If you want one that already comes with a planter, explore our selection of potted plants. 041b061a72


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