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Promise Rings For Couples - Which Hand is the right one?

The engagement ring: The hand you pick is completely up to you

The wedding proposal has been worked out down to the smallest detail, and the perfect engagement ring is chosen - there is only one question to be answered what hand should the ring of engagement be on? We would like to clarify why the tradition of an engagement ring came into existence in the first place.

Why is the tradition of engagement rings still being used?

The engagement ring was worn to signify a pledge to marry in the future. This custom is rooted in the process of buying a bride. In the past, bachelors would go looking for the perfect woman to marry. Once they found her, they bargained for a dowry in the wedding ceremony with her father. What has remained of this tradition in the country is that the one who proposes to their partner wears an engagement wedding ring on the finger of their partner on the day of the wedding.

Where do you put the engagement ring?

In this country it is customary to put the engagement ring on the finger left hand. It stays there until the wedding. The ring is supposed to symbolize the path from the hand to the heart of the person who is in love with them. If you're afraid of not remembering this during the excitement of the engagement, you should simply remember the following saying left is good and right is not good. The engagement ring is usually placed on the left side of the finger that holds the ring. But what is the origin of this custom from?

Why is the ring traditionally worn on the left side?

It is believed that the reason that we and other nations wear engagement rings on the left-hand finger dates to the past. Greeks, who had engagement rings on their left ring finger as a symbol of marriage and commitment used to wear them there. They believed that a vein, known as the "Vena Amoris" that drew blood from this finger and connected to the heart.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans also put a lot of importance on the finger that is the ring on the left hand. They used it for the engagement ring.

Tradition or modernity Who buys the engagement ring?

In many relationships the man is usually the one who decides to propose. He usually purchases the rings and also the rings. It is possible that the bride will propose first, and then have the rings that match. Other couples decide together that they would like to be married and select the engagement rings together. Everyone is free to express themselves in the design of the engagement ring as well as the selection. But what if a man also is looking to put an engagement ring that he can wear?

Are men able to wear engagement rings?

The person who is planning to propose usually buys an engagement ring for their partner. But of course everyone is free to choose what they'd like to do here Some men may also want to wear a symbol of their engagement, and so get a men's ring for themselves at the same time. Women who want to propose to their partner typically do not want to be without this symbolism of the ring. In the past it was customary for couples to purchase a pair matching engagement rings. The rings were removed shortly prior to the wedding and then put back on during the wedding ceremony. You can decide to purchase an engagement ring that is only one or a piece of jewellery for each of you.

And where do you traditionally wear your wedding rings?

In the period of engagement, couples also pose the question: Which side do you wear the wedding ring on? In Germany it is customary to wear the wedding ring on the right hand. This custom, which is rooted in the Bible, is especially important for Catholics. In the Bible, more precisely in Exodus 15:6, it is stated that the right hand is the right hand. And the left hand is considered the unclean hand in the strict Catholic faith. In fact, this categorization can be frequently used in the German language. Everyone is familiar with the phrase "Everything is legal". The wedding ring traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand. But what happens to the engagement ring when the wedding is over? It is a ring that holds emotional value for the wearer between the engagement and wedding.

What happens to the engagement ring after the marriage?

Many women feel the exact way they wear their beautiful engagement ring over a period of months or even years prior to the wedding, get used to it and develop an affinity with the piece of jewelry. This creates the desire to keep wearing the engagement ring on their body even after the marriage and after putting on the wedding ring. What is the best way to accomplish this? If you or your fiancée would like to wear the engagement ring permanently There are a variety of options.

What are alternatives to wearing two rings at the same time?

If the engagement ring is visually harmonious with the wedding ring, you can place them both on the same finger. This is a good option in the event that it is comfortable. You will continue to wear your engagement ring left and your wedding ring on the right.

You can also switch fingers. After the wedding, a lot of couples place the rings on their middle finger.

You can also wear the engagement ring as pendant. This is an excellent option for those who don't want the engagement ring to be a stalemate in a drawer but feel that wearing two rings on their hands is too to.

It is also customary to wear the engagement ring in the form of a the ring. It is placed on the ring finger on the right hand and is worn immediately prior to the wedding ring.

You can wear both rings simultaneously If you're at ease and they can be combined with one another. If you know this before the engagement it is best to select engagement rings and wedding rings simultaneously. Be sure to match them in terms of color, shape and material. This will create an aesthetically pleasing picture. Contact our support for more details.

Engagement ring: In different countries where the ring is made, which side is chosen?

It is not known why the ring is worn on the right hand in this country or in other countries. This is the reason why the traditions differ widely between countries.

In general, in Mediterranean regions, couples are more likely to wear their wedding rings on their left hand, which is the case in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey or Croatia, for example. The more north you go the more likely that the right hand will be used for the wedding band.

In Germany as we have already mentioned, the right hand is the wedding ring hand that is traditionally used. However, it is not the only hand.

Do you have to make this decision? You are free to choose which hand you'd like to portray your wedding.

No obligation

You are not bound to the hand on which you wear the wedding ring. Perhaps, as with many couples, you would prefer to wear the wedding ring on a hand that is weaker. It also means that the ring does not wear out so quickly. It is also not a problem for you if you're not familiar with wearing rings. The ring is a representation of your love, and it's that's all that matters. The wedding ring can be worn either hand.

Left-handed or right-handed does it make a difference?

You can of course opt to put the ring on your weaker hand, i.e. You can place your ring on the hand that you use less. If you are left-handed then it's likely your right hand.

The decision of which hand to wear your engagement ring is completely up you

There are some questions regarding the engagement ring when planning your wedding. One of those is whether to wear it on the left or right hand. You can decide if you want to wear the rings left-handed or prefer a different variation. You now have plenty of ideas for the issue of what will happen to the ring after the wedding.

We're happy to help you find the perfect wedding ring for your fiancee. In our online store, you can choose from a wide range of ring designs in different colors and materials. We can also assist you to choose the best size of ring. Do you wish to engrave your engagement or wedding rings? This is also attainable with us in high quality and without a long waiting time. Our team of experts at JC Wedding Rings is always willing to answer any questions you may have about wedding bands and engagement rings.


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